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mirrorFolder (since UCanAccess it allows users to set the directory in which the mirror db will be created. It forces memory=false. Simply use mirrorFolder=java.io.tmpdir in order to specify the system temp folder for that. keepMirror (since UCanAccess 2.0.2): keeps the HSQLDB mirror database after the VM ends so it can be reused by subsequent VM processes..


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Jan 02, 2021 . Download UCanAccess for free. A pure Java JDBC driver for Microsoft Access database files. UCanAccess is a pure Java JDBC Driver implementation which allows Java developers and JDBC client programs to read/write Microsoft Access database (.mdb and .accdb) files. No ODBC needed..


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Jan 02, 2021 . UCanAccess is an open source pure Java JDBC Driver implementation for access (mdb and accdb), originally licensed under LGPL 2.1. Since the 3.0.0 release UCanAccess has been relicensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. UCanAccess uses: -Jackcess as MS Access Input/Output library. -HSQLDB as synchronized DBMS..


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mdbtools - Open Source project for reading Access files, written in C. Jackcess Encrypt - Extension library for Jackcess which implements support for some forms of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Money encryption. UCanAccess - Open Source ....


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SQLite JDBC is a library for accessing SQLite databases through the JDBC API. SQLite supports on-memory database management, which does not create any database files. To use a memory database in your Java code, get the database connection. sqlite-jdbc extracts a native library for your OS to the directory specified by java.io.tmpdir JVM property..


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